20 Amazing Uses for Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers

The amazing clean you get when you use Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers isn’t smoke and mirrors. These little sponges remove the toughest, most stubborn dirt and grime with no extra cleaners. Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser is made with Durafoam, a melamine polymer. Originally used for insulation and soundproofing, when activated with water, this abrasive foam penetrates surface grooves virtually anywhere grime is trapped to remove built-up soap scum, grease, and dirt. The directions are simple – Wet. Squeeze. Erase. – but the uses are many. Here are 20 ways to use Magic Erasers to make messes go poof. 

  1. Remove scuff marks from walls and baseboards. Be sure to test a small area first.
  2. Power out dirt and germs from light switches.
  3. Remove layers of baked on grime from oven doors.
  4. Scrub off the ring around your bathtub that’s been there for years.
  5. Remove marks from crayons, pens and markers from walls, furniture and surfaces.
  6. Make stains from fruit-flavored drinks on countertops disappear.
  7. Remove dirt and scuff marks from the soles of shoes.
  8. Use it to make your plastic outdoor furniture look like you just bought it. 
  9. Make a greasy, messy stovetop shine again.
  10. Use it on your computer’s keyboard and laptop cover. Just be sure to unplug it first.
  11. Scrub off years of styling cream build-up from flat irons and curling irons.
  12. Quickly remove stuck-on splatters from the inside of your microwave.
  13. Turn your gray grout white again and scrub your tiles while you’re at it.
  14. Make your bathroom faucets and handles shine like new.
  15. Remove layers of soap scum from sliding shower doors.
  16. Scrub off sticky residues from glass jars, wine bottles and photo frames.
  17. Scrub stains off plastic storage containers.
  18. Bring the sparkle back to your sterling silver.
  19. Remove baked-on grease from glass baking dishes.
  20. Use on the refrigerator and freezer handles to remove years of build-up. 

Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers cleans all these things with just water. It out-performs the leading all-purpose bleach spray so you can clean messes, without worrying about staining your fabrics or using harsh chemicals around your family. It may be magic, but it’s no trick. Seeing is believing.  

The Maids cleaning teams proudly use Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser to scrub out hard-to-remove dirt and grime from the homes they clean. See for yourself. Contact us for a free estimate to see just how clean our partnership can make your home.