Overcoming Procrastination

​If you’re anything like me, one of the main challenges you face is trying to complete tasks in a timely manner, especially if they aren’t necessities. Things like folding laundry once its clean, re-organizing a messy room, or cleaning out the fridge often take a backseat with the hustle and bustle of every day life. Hopefully these tips give you some ideas to help overcome this challenge, and enable you to live a more productive life.



  1. Make a List – As simple as it sounds, sometimes the best thing to do to start getting things done in a timely manner is to make a list. This allows you to more easily prioritize what needs to be done immediately, and gives you the satisfaction of crossing each task off once its finished. Better yet, break each large entry down into smaller pieces, so as you work on it you’re encouraged by the progress being made. They have plenty of apps for your phone that come with reminders that can be setup, but some may prefer the old-fashioned pen and pad for the tactile nature of ink and paper.
  2. Work Your Way Up – There are definitely certain chores that I despise more than others. This is likely the case with just about everyone. Instead of starting with the task that brings you the largest anxiety, start small. That way you’ll get more done more often and build a healthy habit of getting things accomplished. If you start with the biggest thing on your list you may get it done, but you’re also more likely to get burnt out and give up, getting less finished overall.
  3. Find Your Groove – There’s always something you can do to make chores more fun. Play some music by your favorite artist while you fold laundry. Make a game out of organizing; each area cleared out earns a reward of your choosing. Maybe you’re working on a fitness goal? If so, take frequent breaks and do quick workouts such as body resistance training. The more creative you can be with this the better your results. So think about what would motivate you and keep you working through the uphill battle of getting things done.
  4. Reward Yourself – Decide up front how many tasks you need to get done before you treat yourself. Maybe it’s one big task that you absolutely can’t stand. Or perhaps just choose a specific number of tasks to complete off of your list. The reward can be anything from your favorite meal to buying something off your wish list. These checkpoints will keep you moving forward and encourage you to keeping working towards your goals, even when you feel like lazing about.

These tips should keep you moving forward and productive, even when the odds seem stacked against you. Instead of focusing on the big picture and the numerous tasks on your list, look through the microscope and figure out what can be done today. You’ll be triumphantly crumpling up that list in no time! Just make sure to take out the trash after…