Travel Workout Tips

Are you a gym rat with a trip coming up? It’s important to keep your positive habits going to ensure long term success with reaching your fitness goals. If you’re worried about how you’re going to get your reps in, then this guide is just the thing you need to take the weight off your shoulders.


  1. Pack The Right Things – While some equipment can be bulky and impossible to bring with you, there are plenty of compact lightweight options easily packed into your luggage. Things like jump ropes, resistance bands, running shoes, and a swimsuit are all great things to bring with you. They give you many options to choose from regardless of accommodations.
  2. Resistance Training – If this isn’t something you typically do, or maybe haven’t tried, it’s a great option for someone trying to stay fit on the go. Things like pushups, planks, lunges, squats, sit ups, wall sits, jumping jacks and things of that nature will work out your body and require no equipment at all. As mentioned above incorporating resistance bands into your regiment will also offer more options and higher intensity training.
  3. Local Classes – Many areas have fitness centers that run specials for first time clients, and this is definitely something to consider if you do better in a more structured environment. From spin classes, yoga studios, and even martial arts dojos, there are tons of options depending on where you’re staying. While you’re out exploring try something new! Maybe it will be your new niche when you return to everyday life.
  4. Low Impact – If you’re not overly concerned with pushing yourself to the limit while on your journey there are plenty of more relaxed options available. Take a walk and explore the new area. Park farther from the store and take the stairs whenever you can. If there’s a pool where you’re staying take a dip, even if it isn’t to swim laps. Lay a blanket out on the floor and try a few simple yoga poses. Go on a hike somewhere beautiful. The only limit here is your creativity.

Hopefully these ideas can guide you towards a healthy and happy adventure. Remember, it’s not so much about constantly pushing yourself to the limit as it is maintaining healthy habits so when you get back you can keep grinding. Cut yourself some slack when you can, and most importantly have fun