Easter Day Recipes!

It’s that time of year again, peeps and Reese’s eggs are hitting the shelves! Which means it’s time to plan out what to make to celebrate this year’s Easter! I’m sure everyone has their staples for easter but it is nice to change it up from year to year. From Easter brunch, dinner and sweet treats- here are some delicious ideas!

Brunch on a Sunday is always enjoyable but it’s even better on Easter Sunday! Some yummy ideas for brunch are a pancake fruit tart or ‘egg in a basket’… with a grilled cheese twist!

Pancake Fruit tart- make your pancakes with your normal recipe, add a layer of Greek yogurt, next comes your favorite fruits or berries, then top with a drizzle of honey or maple syrup!

Egg in a basket- Use a circle cookie cutter to cut a hole in your favorite bread (I use a fresh loaf of sour dough for this), get another piece and do not cut it, butter both sides and cook on medium heat in your frying pan until it begins to brown, do the same on both sides. Once it begins to brown, add in your egg. You can cook the egg to your preference. Here comes the twist; add cheese, sliced tomato, avocado and anything your heart desires! Now cover with a lid until the cheese is melted and make into a sandwich! Another fun twist to this one is to add peppers, hot sauce and sour cream for a south western style.
Can’t forget the mimosas! A fun idea is to have a ‘mimosa bar’ with your favorite champagne and a few different juices to use!

Gathering around the table on a holiday with your family for dinner is always so special, Easter is no exception. It’s even better when you are enjoying good food! Whether this is your first-time hosting Easter dinner or you are the well-seasoned dinner party host, finding some new ideas is always nice!
Crock pot pork chops- Spray your crock pot with cooking spray, add in pork chops, sprinkle on ranch dressing seasoning, then top with 2 cans of cream of chicken soup! Cook on low for 6-8 hours and you are ready to enjoy your ridiculously easy main dish! The nice thing about making your main dish in the crock pot is that it frees up your oven space!

Parmesan Potato halves- Add a layer of melted butter to your pan, add a generous layer of parmesan cheese, carefully place your halved potatoes face down and cook at 400 degrees for 40ish minutes! Let your potatoes cool before you remove them from the pan and ta-da: your new favorite potato dish has entered the room.
I would recommend pairing these dishes with some sort of bread and a salad!
Sweet treats

Not only is this part yummy to eat but a fun activity to do with your family, especially if you have kids! I myself am not very savvy when it comes to decorating desserts so this portion is all very simple. The first one is adding food coloring to the classic rice krispie recipe to make beautiful pastel bars. Second, is just the same concept but with chocolate covered strawberries: use white chocolate to melt down and some food coloring to again make pretty pastel colors. Lastly, make some cupcakes, top them with frosting of your choice and add a peep to the top! Nothing is more festive for Easter than peeps! Whether you like them or not, we have to all admit they are so cute!

Now all you have to do is set the table with a pastel table cloth and put on a festive outfit and you are all set! Time to gather around, relax and enjoy the giggles of all children running around searching for colorful eggs while you sit back and sip on your mimosa! Happy Easter everyone!