Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for all ages!

Easter egg hunts are such a fun tradition, I’m sure we can all agree that watching the kids run around, collecting their colorful eggs and trying to keep them all in their basket is one of the most joyful moments! It almost feels like you’re missing out on the pure fun! Until now! Here are some ideas to keep the fun going so everyone of all ages can get in on it!

Kids are the easiest to please for an easter egg hunt. Filling their eggs with festive candies is an easy way to go. It’s nice to keep in mind how much candy you actually want your kids to end up with. The sugar rush after the easter egg hunt is going to drive you up the wall (like I mentioned in my last blog, make sure to have mimosas on deck for your Easter spread). Some less sugary ways to fill your easter eggs are any small toys for example: Legos, stickers, slime, erasers and of course some cash.

As long as your teenager isn’t moaning and groaning about easter egg hunts being too childish, they can have in on the fun too! Again, candy…. everyone loves candy! Depending on how much you really want to spend, you can get creative with this one. Adding a gift card to Starbucks or a nearby fast-food joint is something they will 100% enjoy. Depending on your teenager, more ideas are makeup, scratch tickets, hair accessories, k cups or tea bags, and movie tickets!

After the kids have finished and are busy munching on their new candy and counting to see who got the most, it’s time for us adults to have a round. Such a simple way for this is to grab some beers, small bottles of liquor or whatever you prefer to drink, have someone hide them around the yard and then go find them! Another idea is to hide clues in the eggs that leads everyone to find one big egg. In that egg can be a large amount of money or a paper saying that they won a big prize of some sort (a nice cooler, new grill, dinner at a nice restaurant, etc.).

Young or old, everyone deserves to have a good time on Easter weekend! An Easter egg hunt is such a fun tradition and a great way to have some fun with your family! As long as the weather stays nice here in western Washington (even if it doesn’t, you can make do inside), I hope this pushes you to plan a fun hunt for your friends and family- I’m sure everyone will love it!