How Mother’s Day Gift Certificates Are Perfect

Flowers, candy, jewelry, bath products, a fluffy robe – these are all great (but predictable) Mother’s Day gift ideas. They are so common, the mothers in your life have probably already received them numerous times. And, let’s ask ourselves, is this what mom really wants? Even if you just stick to traditional holidays – birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries – there are a lot of opportunities to give gifts that mom neither wants nor needs. Consider instead gifting mom with a housecleaning service. Hear us out, there are a lot of reasons a gift certificate from The Maids is the perfect present.

Why Buy Mom A Gift Certificate From The Maids 

  1. It’s the perfect size.There are no guessing games to play as to mom’s size or taste. Guess two sizes too big, and mom may not appreciate the sentiment and guessing on taste has its pitfalls as well. For example, it is adorable to have the kids pick something out. But they love cutesy things – like cartoon characters – and as much as they think mom would also love to wear Chase from Paw Patrol on her PJs, she probably doesn’t. A gift certificate always fits, and mom can tailor it to the exact service she wants. The Maids offers several types of cleaning services from one-time to recurring every month.
  2. It’s calorie-free.Our bodies are gorgeous just as they are, but many of us are conscious that we will be showing more skin in the coming months and are trying to cut back on sweets. Gifting mom with a heart full of M&M’s or a box of calorie-loaded chocolate may not be appreciated. Using a gift certificate to hire The Maids frees mom up to focus on herself, whether that means hitting the gym, going for a walk or planning healthy meals.
  3. There’s nothing to keep alive.Not all of us have green thumbs and those that do may look at a plant as something else to take care of. Cleaning services from The Maids are virtually maintenance-free. Our team will come whenever is convenient for you and don’t need to be home or supply any of the cleaning products. Easy.
  4. It never goes out of style.Moms tend to get the pieces jewelry stores promote with hearts, the word “Mom” and birthstones. While this jewelry is thoughtful, it’s probably not the stylish pieces mom would choose for herself. A clean, healthy home never goes out of style. The Maids’ 22-Step Healthy Touch System works by ensuring every surface is wiped and every corner is dusted.
  5. It completes a chore mom really doesn’t like.Very few of us really love to clean. It’s not the actual motion of scrubbing and dusting that dissuades us (although it may be for some) but it’s the time it takes away from the rest of our lives – kids, school, work, soccer games, fun, etc. Our professional residential cleaning services gets your home back to spotless while you get to do the things you love, like using all those bath products to take a bubble bath in a spotless tub!

Purchasing a gift certificate from The Maids is easy on the gift giver as well. Just contact your local Maids office to purchase a certificate in the amount you desire. The recipient can then contact their local franchise to customize the cleaning according to their needs and schedule. Your loved one will be singing your praises, guaranteed. The Maids gift certificates can also be used towards special services such as carpet and window cleaning or pet hair removal. To find The Maids nearest you, visit