Recipes Ideal For Camping!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (No- not the stressful holidays, it’s Summer!). Summer means sandy feet, tan lines, and weekends packed full of camping adventures! One of the best ways to make your adventures even better is having delicious food. No more eating peanut butter and jellies for every meal of the day on your camping trips. It’s time to step it up a bit with these easy recipe ideas for your next trip- be careful of the wild animals in your area, these recipes are irresistible!


Fire up the grill!
Convenience is key! If you have never cooked your dinner in a ‘foil pack’, you are missing out. There are so many variations to this idea depending on your family’s preferences and diet. You can find many different recipes online if you are having trouble thinking of ideas. Here are a few of the ones that I do most often: 1. Steak and baby potatoes, herbs 2. Shrimp, red potatoes, sausage, seafood seasoning 3. Chicken, asparagus, lemon pepper. Besides foil packs, you can of course go back to the basics with hamburgers. Get creative and switch up your burger toppings to have a Hawaiian burger with pineapple and teriyaki sauce or top your burger with mushrooms and Swiss! Just because you are camping does not mean you can’t have tasty food.

Light a fire!
The secret to cooking over your camp fire is bringing a cast iron skillet. One of my favorite recipes when I’m camping is nachos over the fire! Who isn’t craving a big plate of nachos after a few beverages in the campground? Not only is it delicious, it is so easy! Just like at home, layer your favorite ingredients in your cast iron skillet, place over the fire until the cheese has melted, let it cool (if you can resist) and dig in! There are so many other recipes you can also make using your cast iron skillet over the fire, get creative but make sure to keep it simple, the last thing anyone wants to do is cook a huge difficult meal while on a getaway. This next recipe is again, simple! Although, I do love a classic smore here is a twist on it to switch it up and make them even more delicious! Before you leave for your trip, prepare some berry sauce with your favorite berries. When making your smores, use a waffle cookie as the base and layer your chocolate on the waffle cookie, next a roasted marshmallow, top with your berry mixture and try not to eat the whole bag of marshmallows worth!

No cooking necessary!
If you’ve been out hiking all day or up to other activities, I’m sure the last thing you want to do is cook a meal. A couple things to bring in your cooler in order to throw together a solid lunch or dinner is pre-cooked bacon and single use packets of mayo (you can order these online). Throw these items on some bread with tomato and avocado and you have a flavorful sandwich! A quick and easy breakfast sandwich is a great go-to as well. Bring some hard-boiled eggs, slice them up and layer on a croissant with your precooked bacon and cheese. Of course, you should always plan on having lots of snacks such as beef jerky, fruits and nut mixes.

It’s simple- good food = good mood. When you are out camping and being adventurous it is important to give your body the nutrition it needs. Not only is it important for your energy levels, you’ll be in a better mood all around getting some good food in your belly (Hopefully this will minimize the arguments setting up and breaking down the tent this camping season). These recipes are guaranteed to make your next trip even better!

While you are out of the house- call The Maids! There is only one thing better then coming home from a camping trip and sleeping in your own bed- coming home to a sparkling clean home!