The Maids’ Vacuum

At The Maids, the vacuum we use is state-of-the-art.  Ours is a specialty back-pack vacuum with HEPA filtration.  HEPA stands for “high efficiency particulate air (absorber)”.  HEPA is an industry-defined-standard by The American Society for Mechanical Engineers.  To meet the standards to qualify as HEPA, a vacuum must be able to capture 99.9% of particles measuring 0.3 microns or more.

Well then- how small is 0.3 microns?  To place it in perspective, the diameter of a human hair is about 100 microns, of a red blood cell about 7 microns, and of an E. coli bacterium about 1 micron.  Most  pollens and other allergens are larger than the 0.3 micron limit.  HEPA-filtered vacuums can capture all of these and more.

Our back-pack vacuum allows us to efficiently vacuum carpets, rugs, and hard surface floors. And by using extensions and specialty tools, it also allows us to edge carpets and reach high places including recessed lighting and ceiling fans.

We don’t move dirt and dust around.  At The Maids, we capture the dirt, dust, and allergens in your home- and remove it!