Things you can do to maintain a clean home!

We all love coming home to a clean home every day but…who really wants to do the hard work? (well, we do actually!) Although, we know most people are not like us! Cleaning is our specialty but almost everyone has a lot more on their plate that comes before keeping their home clean. It can be a difficult balance to achieve. Here are some tips that can hopefully help you find that balance! 


Keeping up with the small things is so important in order to ever find time for the bigger projects within maintaining your clean home. Whether you want to pass some of these tasks off to the kids to do or your husband, finding someone to help is going to make your life easier. But, if you live alone or don’t have anyone to help, not to worry! Set a timer for 20 minutes a day and knock these chores out! For starters, when you wake up in the morning, make your bed! I know it’s so cliché but making your bed is going to start your day on a positive, which is something we all need! These next few things you may not need to do every single day if you’re on your own but here are some things to do daily or as necessary: • empty/load the dishwasher • do a load of laundry (fold and yes….put away! Your accent chair is getting tired of holding all of your now wrinkled clothes!)• spot sweep• take out the trash and recycle

These all seem simple and they are! As long as you keep up with it. I know sometimes everyone is going to have a bad day and just go home, crawl into bed, turn on Netflix and order Chinese delivery, which is okay! Just make up for it the next day. 


Weekly tasks are going to be a little bit more in depth. On top of your everyday tasks, find time to accomplish weekly tasks, whether you get it all done on a Sunday while multi task watching the football game or one task a day. Whatever works best for you, find a routine and stick to it! To keep your house looking nice and presentable for surprise guests at any given moment, here are some things to check off your ongoing to do list:• clean the outside of your appliances• scrub your bathrooms down• change your bed linens• vacuum and mop all surfaces

These tasks do not need to take up your whole day, as long as you stay on top of them, they should be pretty quick to get done!


Here are the things you may not always think of but will impress your friends and have you feeling proud of your home! Some may dread these jobs but it will pay off in the end! Especially these days, we are spending so much time at home, might as well feel good while being there!• Disinfect your garbage cans (inside and out)• Vacuum your baseboards and vents• Clean the inside of your appliances• Wipe down your cabinets (if you are really feeling up for it, clean the inside too!)

On top of all of these things, there are many more things you can find to do around your home to get you more organized and all around clean. Disinfecting your home is so important- especiallyright now, at least try to spray down “high touch” surfaces such as remotes, door knobs and telephones as often as you can. Another quick tip is to go through your fridge, make sure everything is good and there are no science experiments pushed to the back of your fridge! 

I know these tips won’t work miracles and keep your family from leaving their dirty dishes on the counter and dirty socks on the floor, but it is a step in the right direction! Enjoying a clean home and still having time to do what you love is something we all deserve! With all this being said, I know so many of us are so busy between online meetings from home while simultaneously keeping up with online schooling to cooking and cleaning. If you are one of those people that time just slips away, give us a call! Hiring a cleaning company will not be something you regret. We can check many of the things off of this list for you, in order for you to find some extra time in your day to do something that makes you happy!