Tips and Tricks to Using a Magic Eraser

We’re always trying to find the newest and greatest ways to make life easier! Mr. Cleans Magic Eraser is one to add to your shopping list or your amazon cart! At first look, it doesn’t seem to be anything special but it really is! There are many ways to use a magic eraser to make your life cleaner and easier, here are a few of them!

Stove tops: After whipping something up in the kitchen, sometimes you’re left with unruly grease that tends to just spread until you go over the area over and over again. A magic eraser will take your grease splattered back splash to nice and shiny in seconds!

Bathroom counters: I think most of us share the opinion that the bathroom is our least favorite thing to clean. A magic eraser can make this a lot easier, from your tile and sink to the hairspray that has been caked on the counter top for who knows how long!

White sneakers: We all love the classic look of a pair of fresh white sneakers. The only problem is the “fresh” aspect. Year after year I would ask for the same pair of white sneakers for Christmas. Obviously, that is not the best route! Taking a magic eraser to your white sneakers every few times you wear them will keep them looking snow white no matter how long you have actually had them!

Scuff marks: Whether you have crazy kids tearing through your home or your floors got scuffed from moving your furniture, we all deal with scuff marks throughout the home. There is no way around it, it’s just the wear and tear of living in your home! The best way I have found to combat these scuff marks, whether they are on the walls, baseboards, or the floors is taking a magic eraser to it (they call it a ‘magic’ eraser for a reason!).

Where NOT to use a magic eraser: Although a magic eraser is the key to a lot of household messes, there are a few things to keep in mind while using it! First off, always get it damp before use. Before using your magic eraser on any surface, just like a lot of other cleaning products and tools, you will want to do a spot test to make sure there are no finishes you may remove. Never use your magic eraser on 1.) your car 2.) non-stick cookware 3.) stainless steel 4.) delicate counter tops. All of these surfaces have protective coating on them that will come right off and you will be left with fragile, scratched up surfaces. As always, read your directions!

We owe a huge thanks to Mr.Clean for his magic eraser! Helping people clean stuck on messes for the past 20 years and counting. There is a reason they are so popular; the hype is worth it! I never thought the day would come that I am so excited over a sponge, but it’s here and I’m not complaining!