Tips to Have a Great Start to 2021

Well…. we made it! Who would have thought this year would ever end. There is so much to say about this past year, unfortunately most, if not all are negative. One positive thing is that it is over and 2021 will be much better! Here are some ways to ensure a better year to come!

Reflect on 2020

Even though it was a rough one, no matter what, it is important to reflect. Taking the time to reflect on your past year is so important so you can identify what went wrong and what went right in order to be successful in this coming year. Reflecting isn’t only important at the end/beginning of a new year, I would recommend reflecting after each week, or even daily. Reflecting doesn’t have to be some crazy big task that no one has time for, a simple way to do it on a regular basis is just write down your favorite thing that happened that day. Make sure to stay positive but don’t completely block out the negatives, both are important.

Make plans to look forward to

Living day by day is extremely hard to do if there is nothing to look forward to. No matter your circumstance, make some plans throughout the year to look forward to! This will keep you going and focusing on the positives when life starts to throw you curveballs. No matter how big or small, whether it is a small vacation or a picnic date by yourself in the park, having something to look forward to is always going to help you enjoy your year!


Start 2021 with a clean slate…or at least a less crowded slate! I’m not suggesting that you throw out all of your belongs, just “discard everything that does not spark joy”, as Marie Kondo said. Starting the year with the same jam-packed junk drawers and overcrowded coat closets is another burden you do not need to bring into the new year. Having these things on the to do list in your mind doesn’t seem like it would take a toll but pile it on top of other stress factors and you’re not the best version of yourself, as you can be. Recruit some help from a friend or family member and knock it out one of these weekends. You won’t regret it and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ve been looking for, for a while! Starting the year fresh should happen in all aspects, including your space!

Having a good year and even day, is up to you. No matter the cards you are dealt, it is what you actually do with it that matters. Choose to make it a good one! I hope these tips help kick-start your 2021 on a high note and continue to do so throughout the year. Let’s all come together and make 2021 the best year yet! Cheers!