We Say “No” to Bleach and Dust Wands

At The Maids, we say “no” to bleach and “no” to dust wands.

Don’t get us wrong- bleach (aka sodium hypochlorite) is a great disinfecting, whitening, and brightening chemical. And it smells clean.  But here is our objection.  It’s too harsh.  Make a minor mistake resulting in a small spill, and you’ve got a nice white spot on your blue jeans, on your sweater, or on your carpet.  Make a major mistake, and you may be replacing a whole carpet. And for our employees, it is harsh enough that a spill on bare skin, or a droplet in the eye can cause serious health issues.  Not to mention the bleach stains on their uniforms that are almost impossible to avoid. And we don’t our employees breathing bleach fumes all day.  So at The Maids, we don’t use bleach.  Instead we use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are great cleaning agents without the risks associated with bleach.

As for dust wands- yuk!  Sure they capture some of the dust sitting on top of that china cabinet.  But try this- use a dust wand in an area where sunlight is streaming into the room.  What you will see is that the dust wand is great at moving dust around, but not very good at capturing it. At the Maids, we use micro-fiber cloths that are specifically designed to capture the dust, not just move it from here to there.