Why We Would Like A Key To Your Home

A few of you have “keyless” entry into your home, and you can skip this particular posting. The majority of homeowners still use a key to get into their homes.  This blog is for you.

As a client of The Maids, we want your house key. It makes our lives so much easier. If we have your key, we can get into your home- no ifs, ands, or buts.

Some clients are reluctant to give us a key for security reasons. They would rather hide it, for example, under the floor mat or under a flower pot.  That’s a mistake. Even the rookie thief is aware of the concealed key trick.

Others of you are home when we come to clean, and you grant us entry.  So we shouldn’t need a key, right? But what if you have to run out on a last-minute errand? What if you go out of town on vacation but still need us to clean your home?

If we have a key, we eliminate the security issue associated with hiding a key, and we eliminate the need for you to be home when the team arrives.  For us, that means we don’t send a team to your home only to find out that we can’t gain access. That causes a problem for us.

And rest assured that your key is very secure at The Maids. First, your key is stored in a secure lock box in a secured limited-access office, which only management can enter.   Second, your key is coded with a unique identifier- your name and address are not included.   Third, our office has a security system to deter any potential troublemakers.  And worst case, if your key is somehow either lost or stolen, there is no identifier on it that would lead someone to your home.

So give us a key to your home, please!  You can rest assured that your house key is in good hands.